Terms and conditions

Booking confirmation

A booking is not treated as confirmed until the booking form and payment of a 50% deposit have both been received. We will then send a booking confirmation by email. Please do not make any travel arrangements until we have confirmed in writing that you have a place on the course.


If you cancel your booking in writing more than four weeks before the start of the course, we will refund all monies paid minus a €50 administration fee.  If you cancel your booking less than four weeks before the start of a course, the full deposit is retained unless you can find another suitable candidate who will take your place.

In case of emergency or an insufficient number of students, we reserve the right to cancel a course. For this reason we advise students to buy refundable airline tickets or flight insurance as we will not be responsible for any loss on travel or accommodation costs. If we have to cancel a course you are booked on, we will let you know as soon as possible. You can then choose to transfer your booking and deposit to another course, or get a full refund of all money you have paid.

Data protection

By booking a course with us, you explicitly give us permission to store some personal data collected through our booking system as well as the IP address you used. This data is necessary for us to stay in touch with you before your stay, to ensure that the course is suitable  for you, and to make your stay safe and enjoyable. You can request to view or amend this data by contacting us.


We recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance, including adequate cover for cancellation, baggage, medical expenses, and the cost of repatriation should this be necessary. By booking on a course, you accept responsibility for obtaining adequate travel insurance covering any activities you wish to participate in.

Food Policy

The food served on board is ovo-lacto vegetarian, with vegan options. We cannot cater for other diets as cooking facilities on board are limited. Therefore, if you have any other dietary requirements, and/or a severe food allergy, or any particular medical, dietary needs please contact us before you book to see if we can accommodate you.

Participating in the course

For these courses, a certain level of fitness is required. For example, you will have to board the boat from a dinghy.  If you are in any doubt that your level of fitness is sufficient, please contact us prior to booking.
If you have any medical problem or any physical or mental condition which may affect your participating in the course, you must disclose this to us before booking. We reserve the right to refuse bookings from anyone we consider unsuited to these courses.
Our courses are not normally suitable for anyone under the age of 18. In some cases, we may accept minors if they are accompanied by an adult. This should be discussed with us prior to booking.